Position Your Halifax Home Competitively For Resale

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Position Your Halifax Home Competitively For Resale. Planning on selling your home because you are downsizing or retiring and moving to a senior community? You may want to upgrade your home a bit so that you can position your Halifax home competitively for resale. The question is, what types of renovations should you make to position your home competitively in the Real Estate Market.

Don’t Improve Your Home Beyond Values In Your Neighborhood

If your home looks shabby because you fell behind on normal maintenance, you may need to make repairs to sell it and make it appealing to buyers. Beyond that, your goal in fixing up your home is to make it comparable or slightly better than other Halifax homes in your neighborhood.

Do not make it too high for the neighborhood values. If you live in a neighborhood of $150,000 homes, prospective buyers will be unwilling to pay $250,000 because of upgrades you did. Your home will be competing with other homes in your neighborhood so don’t overprice your home.

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Improvements That May Not Increase Value

Realtors warn against investing in specific improvements if you hope to recoup your investment. These include:

Extensive landscaping

Having a manicured lawn and beautiful plantings will make your home a magnet for buyers while not increasing the selling price. If your outside needs work before you sell, pay to have your property made neat and appealing. Don’t overdo your landscaping so much that potential buyers feel they might need a gardener to maintain it.

New carpeting

Ripping up worn carpeting and replacing it may give your home a quick facelift, but buyers don’t want carpeting. Hardwood floors are in vogue, as many consumers regard carpeting as unsanitary and full of chemicals. Carpeting your home with inexpensive carpeting will not suit many buyers and the Halifax Buyers may not like the color or style.

Hidden improvements

If you replace your plumbing or electrical lines, you benefit buyers with upgraded mechanical systems. Buyers expect the basics to be in good working order, you cannot expect to recoup your investment for maintenance upon sale.

Upscale improvements

Stone counters, spa bathrooms, and stainless appliances are appealing buyers may not want to pay extra to have them. These are improvements for you to make to increase your own enjoyment while you are living in the house. They might not bring you a return on your investment at a sale. In upscale neighborhoods, many of these features are standard. Upgrading to match other homes in the neighborhood will not put you in a position to command more than market value.

Consult A Real Estate Professional Before Making Improvements

If you are thinking of selling your home, the best way to determine which improvements will benefit resale value is to give me a call. While you can do research on your own about the area, I can shortcut the process for you, based on my knowledge of area and neighborhood comparables.

If you are ready to sell your home for maximum value, the best place to start is by clicking here and scheduling an appointment.

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