4 Top Benefits of Staging Your Home For Market

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Home staging is the process of preparing a home for the market, so it attracts the highest price and a quick closing. As a matter of fact, It’s estimated that staging a home can reap a 6% to 15% higher selling price. A seller can stage their own home, rely on your Realtor’s input or hire a stager.

Depersonalizing your home thru staging will appeal to Buyers and aid them in visualizing themselves living in your home. First impressions are vitally important and buyers assess your home upon arrival at your door. Not to mention It’s difficult for buyers to look beyond clutter and disrepair. A crowded room, with too much furniture, makes a room look small and short on space.

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1. Showcase a lifestyle

Stagers arrange furnishings and add decor touches that help buyers envision living in your home. Think of staging like a makeover for your home. A stager can replace some of your older furniture with modern pieces, for the purpose of making your home appear more spacious. It’s also recommended that you paint your walls in neutral colors and place decor items around your home in specific areas to showcase the space.

2.  Best features of the home are demonstrated

A stager knows how to showcase the best features of a house and how to downplay the blemishes. For example, if a room is small they can make it look larger by placing the right furniture in the space. Furthermore, If a room is dark they know how to make it appear brighter. Staging a home is done in such a way that it appeals to a wide range of buyers with different styles.

3.  Homes sell faster and for a higher price than the competition

Staging a home can greatly reduce the amount of time on the market. For homes that are sitting on the market, sometimes staging and presenting the home in a fresh manner is all that it takes to get it sold.  Look at it as an investment to acquire a faster sale. According to NSAR, sellers have had great success in selling their staged homes quickly. Homes that are staged are bought quicker than most competition.

4.  Staged homes take better photos for marketing

A staged home takes better photos. Quality pictures attract more buyers online. This will increase the amount of showing your property will receive. With more showings, you are likely to attract more offers.

If you are want to put your home on the market, it’s a good idea to consider the benefits of staging your home. In fact, try to view your home through the buyer’s eyes to see things that you should change or refresh. If you need help, ask a friend or family member for their opinion.

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