• Helping Seniors break through the walls of solitude

    When you go to work every day, you see familiar faces  and have the opportunity to socialize. Socializing keeps the mind active. Then comes retirement, and we no longer see those familiar faces, our routines change, and we lose contact. ...

  • Is it time to hire a caregiver?

    Many seniors are happy and healthy aging in place, but they encounter physical and/or health challenges that can interfere with independent living.  Depending on the level of assistance required for daily living, a full-time caregiver may ...

  • Is your senior caregiver burning the candle at either end?

    Consider hiring a professional caregiver to assist family members already burning the candle at both ends to provide a safe and caring environment. I recently had a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend who spent 10 years as a caregiver for ...