• Do You Know What’s Involved With Being An Executor?

    What is the executor’s job? The executor’s job is central to the estate settlement process – from arranging the funeral, to paying bills, to distributing estate assets. After someone dies, the executor makes sure that the wishes stated in the deceased ...

  • Personal and Financial Record Keeping Journal

    Should you or your spouse pass away or suddenly become incapacitated, would your loved ones know where to find the personal and financial information? If not, your family would need to step in and handle your affairs. The Personal and Financial Record Keeping Journal is a simple and ...

  • Benefits of Prearranging Your Funeral Provides Peace of Mind

    Pre-arranging a funeral resolves these and many other decisions for your family. Roy Thomas talks with Don Couse about Prearranging Your Funeral. Every day we see families who are overwhelmed with trying to figure out what their father, mother, or spouse would have wanted for their funeral. ...


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