6 Tips for Safety Devices Aiding Seniors Living Alone

Picture1 1 6 Tips for Safety Devices Aiding Seniors Living Alone

Older adults can benefit from products made for those living alone.  There are many products other than medical alert devices that can offer peace of mind as well as assisting with mobility issues and safety in the home. 

This article will cover products that assist to prevent falls. Fire safety and home security gadgets. Products that are assistive devices that compensate for visions, hearing problems and poor strength.

Smart Home Devices

Smart devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Google nest hub, and the Apple HomePod have the ability to call for assistance. These devices are quite versatile and carry out a wide variety of tasks. In addition to hands-free calling including controlling smart home devices like lighting, alarms, finding a phone, etc. They can also serve with reminders for dates, times and medications, and other notifications like appointments.

Picture2 6 Tips for Safety Devices Aiding Seniors Living Alone

Smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors

There are many different types of detectors that you can purchase for a home. Some are designed specifically for seniors who may have hearing loss. In addition to a very loud alarm, they have a strobe light that will go off. There are even detectors that can vibrate under a pill or anywhere on a bed should a fire be detected. There are even devices that detect natural gas or propane gas leaks.

Picture3 1 6 Tips for Safety Devices Aiding Seniors Living Alone

Safety devices for the Kitchen

The kitchen can be a dangerous place in a home and not just for older adults. A fire extinguisher in good working order and fire extinguishing blanket. Fire extinguishers can be difficult for some seniors to use. A fire blanket can extinguish a pan or grease fire. Instructions state to pull down the tabs on the package and toss the open blanket onto a fire.

Devices are made now to turn off electric stoves after a specific time frame. IGuard stove auto-shutoff and Simple Touch C30004, to name a few, have a timer that can turn off appliances after a set time. These devices are also great for lamps, coffee makers, and any appliance that uses less than 1000 watts.

Picture4 6 Tips for Safety Devices Aiding Seniors Living Alone

Home Security Systems

Home security systems have come a long way over the years. They can be installed in a couple of hours and can send a phone call or text to emergency contacts such as your family or personal care worker. Some systems have phone apps and family or caregivers can remotely monitor for an added convenience.

Some systems also monitor smoke, carbon monoxide, drop in temperature and even identify a water leak in the home. Indeed take the time to research different systems to find one that meets your needs and budget.

Picture5 6 Tips for Safety Devices Aiding Seniors Living Alone

Wearable medical alert devices

Medical alert devices are usually equipped with GPS tracking, two-way speakers, and 24-hour surveillance.  In addition, these devices help seniors feel safer and provide peace of mind. In the event of a fall, heart attack or stroke or another injury a senior is able to get immediate assistance.

Medical alert devices come in a variety of forms such as watches or smart jewelry like a necklace.

Picture6 1 6 Tips for Safety Devices Aiding Seniors Living Alone

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