Embrace The Future Of Senior Housing In Canada

seniors2016 Embrace The Future Of Senior Housing In Canada
Embrace The Future Of Senior Housing In Canada

If you are a senior homeowner living in property that is too big for you and that no longer meets your needs, you may be reluctant to sell your home because the alternatives for senior housing do not appeal to you. Leaving your home means abandoning what is familiar to you, drastically reducing your living space, and giving up your independence. Fortunately, new trends in senior living promise appealing alternatives that make selling your residence more appealing.

Currently, the senior population of Canadians over 55 is growing so rapidly that this demographic is an important segment of the current and upcoming housing market. Developers, organizations, and property managers are taking heed of the trends, finding ways to develop solutions, and marketing them to older consumers who are ready to make a housing change but want a place that requires minimum compromise.

The Future Of Senior Housing In Canada

What marks likely housing choices of the future that make them more palatable to seniors? For starters, they will have less of an institutional feel. The needs of seniors vary, depending on whether they are able-bodied and alert or have limited mobility and memory loss, but regardless of their state of being, most seniors want surroundings with a more homelike atmosphere that have amenities more like hotels than institutions. Some amenities might include:

– Larger rooms that offer more living space, along with more room for wheelchairs and scooters that you may need in the future

– Appealing common space that expands the living space of individuals

– More activities that appeal to men and women

– More sophisticated fire and safety systems that may incorporate the resident tracking

– Advanced communications and emergency response systems

– Better heating and cooling options

– Flexible design that allows future reconfiguration to allow for mobility devices, automatic door openers, elevators, and other features that residents may come to need

Newly built senior housing will be attractive while incorporating universal design principles that eliminate barriers to make them usable to the vast majority of users. This means that the property might incorporate small changes such as lowering light switches, using door handles rather than knobs, raising electrical outlets, providing adjustable counters, and installing grab bars throughout or convenient.

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Other Alternatives Create A Homelike Setting

As designers and builders step up to meet the challenges with multi family alternatives many less traditional approaches are taking hold. For example, the “Babayaga” concept offers living accommodation to seniors based on the community pitching in to help other members. Typically located near transit and other needed facilities in the midst of a broader urban setting, homes offer comradery and support as a group of older residents of varying ages create a home together. Developed in France, the concept is taking hold in Canada as well: Babayaga Place in Toronto is one example.

Sell Your Home To Pursue These New Opportunities

While housing options that incorporate these desirable features will increase over the next few years, seniors who are considering making a change have options now to relocate to a homey, convenient setting. To take advantage of what the area has to offer requires selling your current home.

If you are ready to sell your home for maximum value, the best place to start is by clicking here and scheduling an appointment.

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