8 Tips To Prepare Your Home For a Summer Sale

8 8 Tips To Prepare Your Home For a Summer Sale

Summer is just around the corner and if you are wanting to sell your home here are some great tips to help you prepare. Potential buyers will judge your homes appearance from the street. A home with great curb appeal will get more viewings and better offers.

Assess your homes curb appeal by standing at the curb in front of your home. Take a good look at your home and property. Make a list of things that need updating or repair.

1. The roof and chimney

1 8 Tips To Prepare Your Home For a Summer Sale

Inspect the roof of your home for missing, cracked, or curling shingles and have them replaced. Also check the metal flashing around chimney, any pipes, and skylights if you have them. It’s safer to use binoculars to examine the condition of your roof. How does the chimney look? If you have cracked or missing bricks, it’s time to call a chimney repair person. Repairs to a neglected chimney can be very expensive.

2.  Walkways and driveways

2 8 Tips To Prepare Your Home For a Summer Sale

Pressure wash your walkways and driveways. Do repairs to any cracks. If you have pavers and bricks that are damaged, you can flip them over and put them back in place. Freshen up the driveway with driveway filler and sealer. If your driveway is in bad condition with potholes and cracks, consider putting in a new one.

3. The front door

3 8 Tips To Prepare Your Home For a Summer Sale

Replace worn weather stripping around the door and tighten loose hinges. Replace any hardware that is pitted, rusted, or broken. Don’t forget to caulk around trim if needed. What is the condition of the front door? Does it need paint or replacement? Think about changing the color of your front door. Do a quick search online to view what is trending with front door colors and design.

4.  Windows and screens

4 8 Tips To Prepare Your Home For a Summer Sale

Check the mechanics or all your windows to ensure they are working properly. Caulk any gaps. Repair or replace damaged screens. Replace any broken windows or hardware. If you want to get those windows clean and clear use this recipe for a cleaner.


Fill up a bucket with 1 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of ammonia and add I gallon of hot water. Fill up a second bucket with warm water. Wash windows with the vinegar and ammonia solution first and then wash windows with the second bucket of warm water. Dry with squeegee. Hint. If you wash windows on a cloudy day, you are less likely to leave streaks.

5.  Gutters and downspouts

5 8 Tips To Prepare Your Home For a Summer Sale

Clear debris from your gutters and downspouts. Leaves and twigs can clog your gutters. Neglected gutters can pull away from the house and cause water leaks in your walls and roof. Keep the gutters clear to avoid water damage to the home. Ensure downspouts are pointing away from your foundation.

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6.  Pressure wash the deck

6 8 Tips To Prepare Your Home For a Summer Sale

Clean the deck with a deck cleaning solution, brush, and power washer. Stain or paint the deck if it is worn or peeling. Replace any rotting boards. Check to ensure your deck is safe and strong. Secure any loose railings. Let the deck dry for a few days before applying paint or stain to the surface.

7.  Siding and trim

7 8 Tips To Prepare Your Home For a Summer Sale

A home can look dingy and neglected when the exterior is dirty, worn and neglected. If your siding is covered in stains, it can be algae, mold, mildew, or fungus. If you live in a damp environment near a body of water, staining on siding is a common problem. Hose down the siding. Use a siding cleaner or a vinegar solution to remove the stains. Do this buy straying on the solution and then scrubbing with a brush and rinse. The results will look amazing and will make your home look well cared for and maintained. Check for any cracks, rot, or holes and repair so insects and dampness can’t enter the house.

8.  Landscaping and lawn

9 8 Tips To Prepare Your Home For a Summer Sale

Tidy up the flower bed and clear out weeds. Loosen the soil so it’s not too tightly packed. Use a spade to edge your garden beds. Top with soil or mulch. Trim back overgrown bushes and hedges. Fill in any bare spots on your lawn with seed or sod and don’t forget to water. A healthy lawn requires seasonal maintenance. Create a schedule for fertilizers and other additions. Hint. Fertilizers and weed killers work best if applied before a rainfall.

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