Factors To Consider When Looking for Senior Housing Options

signpost Factors To Consider When Looking for Senior Housing Options

Have you come to the point in life where you know you need to make some decisions about where you want to live for the next few years? Even if your health is good, you know that your plans must consider your future needs.

Four Factors To Look At

When you thinking about a senior housing plan that will fit your needs, you need to be concerned with four major things: physical and medical needs, home maintenance, social and emotional needs, and financial needs. You want a home that meets all four.

Many seniors prefer to stay in their current home. Assuming you do not have problems beyond what can be managed by modifying your home with ramps and railings and access to family and needed services, you may be able to pull it off. Staying at home is workable if:

– You live in a safe neighborhood
– You have a dependable network of neighbors, family, and friends
– Transportation is available, even when you can’t drive
– Your medical and physical needs are manageable in at home situation
– You have an outgoing personality that makes you able to ask for help and support when you need it
– You can manage your home and yard maintenance

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If You Have Options, Go For It

If you are basically in good health, able to handle most of your own care, and have the willingness to call for help if you need it, you have a range of options. For example, rather than stay put, you might choose to move to a house, condo, or apartment where there are transportation, home healthcare, housecleaning, and social services available that are designed for seniors in mind. Some of this housing might be exclusively for seniors, while others might have more variety of age groups living there.

As you need more help, your housing options narrow. You might need assisted living where you live on your own, but have care available to you even if you don’t need help 24 hours a day. If your health declines, you might need nursing care. Some people never get to the point where they need these services.

This means that if you are a senior in relatively good health, your main concern is to whether you want to stay in your home or find another place that has just the right about of space and convenience. Throughout the Halifax area, there are many options available whether your initial focus is on downsizing or on finding a more manageable home. Even though you are able to stay in your home, there is a whole new world of housing out there that might interest you.

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