4 Reasons a Smaller Home May Just Be The Right Size

1 3 4 Reasons a Smaller Home May Just Be The Right Size

Moving into a smaller home can mean letting go of excess possession but it can also mean less burdens and more convenience. Deciding to downsize to a smaller home may increase your quality of life. Below are some reasons why a smaller home may be the right size for you.

Smaller homes cost less money
A smaller home means less taxes, insurance, and cheaper utility costs. It also cost less to maintain and furnish a smaller home. The thought of extra money in your bank account must make you happy. Extra income means different things to different people, it might free up enough money to do that traveling you’ve always dreamt about.

More FREE time
A smaller house is easier to maintain and keep in good repair. With a larger house you may have a schedule in place to clean different levels of your home on different days. Larger homes have more areas that are susceptible to gathering clutter. A small home takes less time to clean. A smaller yard takes less time to mow in the summer. What will you do with all this free time?

Smaller homes are generally built in more walkable areas and have access to public transportation. This means less need for a car. In addition, small houses use less energy. Think about all the rooms that are heated in a large home that rarely get used. Updating and maintenance will require fewer building materials.

Smaller homes are more intimate
No need to yell to be heard in a small home. Some homes are so large seeking out others can feel like two ships passing in the night. Family is more likely to hangout in the same room in a smaller home.

Smaller homes and smaller yards mean closer neighbors. It can provide a stronger sense of belonging and community when you see your neighbours often. A quick conversation and a morning wave just might put a smile on your face.

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