Transform Your Bedroom with these Staging Tips

1 1 Transform Your Bedroom with these Staging Tips

The primary bedroom is often one of the main selling points for potential buyers. Buyers want to feel at home in the space. Staging the main bedroom is an important marketing decision. Staging prepares the area to appeal to all kinds of buyers. Transform Your Bedroom with these Staging Tips below.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) published a 2021 Home Staging Report proving the effectiveness staging has on the selling process. Transform Your Bedroom with these Staging Tips

Don’t become intimated by the staging process. Here are a few staging tips to help get your property ready for today’s marketplace.

Core staging furniture

There are core items of furniture that are key to a successful bedroom staging. A bed, dresser, set of bedside tables and a comfy chair. If you use your bedroom as an office, remove those items to another area of the home. Keep all surfaces and bedside tables clear of clutter.

Positioning and appearance of the bed

Place the bed against the wall in the middle of the room on the wall opposite the door so it’s the first thing buyers see when entering the room. Prepare the bed with a clean set of bedding. Ideally, a duvet cover with assorted pillows and a throw blanket that will add style to the room. Consider bedding that compliments the wall color and keep it simple and classy.


Transform Your Bedroom with these Staging Tips Transform Your Bedroom with these Staging Tips

Natural light is very important in a bedroom so keep curtains open for viewings.  Minimize the layers of window dressings so natural light can shine through. Place lamps on the bedside tables with warm light bulbs for a comfortable atmosphere.

Neutral colours

Neutral colours and simple designs can create a very inviting atmosphere for a bedroom. If the room needs painting, select neutral shades of beige, grey or green.

Declutter and keep it that way

It can be challenging keeping key areas of your home in pristine condition for viewings when selling your home but keeping areas decluttered in very important. Depersonalize your bedroom and store away all photos, charms, collectibles and jewelry. Keep closets organized and decluttered.

Ensure the floor is free of mess, laundry and clutter. Doing these things will make such a difference in the presentation of the room.  

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