Helpful List to Make Your Home Viewings Successful

1 1075x611 Helpful List to Make Your Home Viewings Successful

Prospective buyers would like to see a perfect home from top to bottom and inside and out. To improve the likelihood of an easy, fast and profitable home sale, we suggest that you attend to the following items.

Outside the house

1 Helpful List to Make Your Home Viewings Successful

1. Sweep the front walkway and shovel snow in the winter.

2. Remove newspapers, bikes and toys.

3. Park extra cars away from the property.

4. Trim back the shrubs.

5. Apply fresh, clean paint on your home, wooden fence, and outbuildings.

6. Clean windows and window coverings.

7. Maintain sealants around windows and doors.

8. Make sure roof and gutters are clean and in good condition.

9. Mow the lawn frequently and plant flowers.

10. Keep pet areas clean.

11. Take down out-of-season decorations.

Inside the home

1 1 Helpful List to Make Your Home Viewings Successful

1. The kitchen and bathroom should look and smell clean.

2. Vacuum rugs and carpets (and have them professionally cleaned, if necessary).

3. Place fresh flowers in the main rooms.

4. Put away dishes, unless setting a formal display for decoration.

5. Make all beds and put away clothing.

6. Open drapes and turn on lights for a brighter feel.

7. Tidy closets.

8. Turn off televisions and play soft music on the radio/stereo.

9. Keep pets out of the way and pet areas clean and odor-free.

10. Secure jewelry, cash, prescription medication and other valuables.

11. Consider removing unnecessary furniture and appliances from counter tops to create a greater sense of space.

12. Consider baking cookies or lighting scented candles to create a homey atmosphere.

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