7 Tips to Help Declutter In Your Senior Years

1 7 Tips to Help Declutter In Your Senior Years

Seniors downsize for many reasons and part of the process is dealing with minimizing your volume of possessions. Clutter can present hazards like tripping and falls. Keeping your home clutter free is being proactive against accidents in your senior years.

Don’t wait until you are challenged with a crisis or health issues to declutter your possessions. If you need to quickly move the process of decluttering can be overwhelming and a daunting.

1. Don’t burden your family with clearing out your home

Doing a declutter of your home now will ensure that your family wont be burdened with cleaning out the home should you become ill or incapacitated.  The process can be challenging and stressful if family members are left guessing about disposal when downsizing for you. Finally take time to discuss with family members about your wishes to pass items along now or later.    

2. Give yourself a lot of time for decluttering if planning a move

Start decluttering well before planning a move. If done at your own pace you may find it less emotional a process. Declutter a little bit at a time pacing yourself if you tire easily. Take breaks as decluttering can be taxing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Start with small tasks first versus tackling an area that is highly cluttered.

3. Give yourself some time to reminisce

It took years to accumulate all the contents of your home and it is unlikely that you can sort thru everything in just a few days. As you sort thru your things reflect on the memories. If you do not have room for the item maybe a photograph is the answer. Also, write down a story to preserve the memory of the item and its history or its significance.

4. Create a plan by creating a schedule.

If you are relying on the help of others a schedule will be easier for everyone involved. If you are decluttering on a whim, it may be difficult to call on others for assistance. A schedule will also help you commit to getting the job completed on time.

5. Hire a professional to help guide you thru the process

If you are unable to ask for assistance from family and friends, you can always hire a professional to help guide you thru the process or do it for you. There are many certified relocation specialists and downsizing specialists working in the Halifax regional area. Call me if you would like a referral to help you with your decluttering and organizational needs

6. Donate Online or to an organization

Also, you can donate items to a charity or online in the Facebook marketplace or Kijiji. Do use caution when arranging for a stranger picking up items at your home. Most organizations will arrange a time for pickup or drop-off.

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7. Know the size of the rooms you will have in your new home

Downsizing and decluttering can have a positive effect on your life. You choose which belongings you will keep and what goes. In addition, display your most important belongings in your new home and enjoy living lighter with less stuff dominating your space.

Above all try to be practical and realistic in your approach to this lifestyle change. This helps when trying to organize what items will fit in each room. If you are moving from a 4-bedroom house to a 2 bedroom condo you will have a lot of items you can’t possibly take with you.

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