4 Easy Steps Toward Staging a House to Sell Fast

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Easy Steps to Stage a House to Sell Fast

This overview on how to stage a house to sell provides you with great tips resulting in an impressive looking product for today’s marketplace. I share my favourite home staging tips to assist you in a quick sale!

Step 1 – How do you want to present your home to potential buyers

For inspiration look at vacation rentals online or in magazines. Vacation rentals are clean, organized and decorated. Simple décor but not bland or boring, well equipped and uncluttered. Your goal should be to present your house to the buyers as a mess-free clutterless domain with zero maintenance or storage issues.

Step 2 – Prepacking to aid in decluttering your house

Sort thru items in your rooms and ask yourself if you need the item on an every day basis. If not, pack it away in a box and put in storage. Decluttering is absolutely necessary when staging your house for sale. Things that you do need everyday need to be put away in their proper place like a drawer, basket or cabinet. Set the stage with your best pieces of furniture and items but put the rest in storage. Every surface in your house should be used for a decorative purpose only. Committing to a show worthy house will make it sellable.

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Step 3 – Get boxes and moving supplies

Take all the items that did not have a proper place like Knick knacks, extra towels and appliances, etc., and place them in the middle of the room. Clear off your kitchen counters, shelves and other surfaces as well. You are going to box up all unnecessary  items and put in storage. Before you tape up your boxes look at the pile of items and remove necessities and place them where they belong. After you place the necessities back out on your counters and surfaces it is time to begin the decorating.

 Step 4 – Decorating

Set scenes that allow potential buyers to picture themselves enjoying the good life within the walls of your house. These scenes are called vignettes. To create a home staging vignette you want to choose  a large piece of furniture or décor in the room as an anchor. You also want to make sure you have enough similar pieces to fill that particular room. Pick an accent color to use throughout the house in each room making the house feel more cohesive.

After you have your furniture and accent colors ready don’t forget about your walls. Leaving empty walls can leave a house feeling cold and unloved.  Purchase a new comforter set to freshen up your bedrooms and new towels for the bathroom. Paint walls and trim if required. Don’t forget to do a thorough cleaning throughout your home.

You want potential buyers to see the floor and see themselves in the space. You’re selling square footage and the hope of a nice home. After you get your whole house decluttered and vignetted up, it should be crazy easy to keep clean and organized.    

Good luck with preparing your home for sale and remember if you would like additional tips for attracting buyers to your home please give me a call at 902-497-3031 or contact me here online.

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