Do You Know What’s Involved With Being An Executor?

A Certified Executor Advisor is an accredited specialist professionally qualified to help and advise the trusted executor you appoint to carry out your wishes. There is an increasing number of friends and relatives being asked to fill the role of executor or training in this area.

What is the executor’s job?

The executor’s job is central to the estate settlement process – from arranging the funeral, to paying bills, to distributing estate assets. After someone dies, the executor makes sure that the wishes stated in the deceased person’s will are fulfilled.

What are the powers of the executor of a will?

It tells the executor to give the beneficiaries whatever is left in the estate after the debts, expenses, claims and taxes have been paid. It gives the executor certain legal and financial powers to manage the estate, including the power to keep or sell property in the estate, to invest cash, and to borrow money.

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What are the benefits of Prearranging your funeral

Watch our video on Prearranging your funeral here. Roy Thomas talks with Don Couse about Prearranging Your Funeral Every day we see families who are overwhelmed with trying to figure out what their father, mother or spouse would have wanted for their funeral. There are many decisions over what type of arrangements should be made and what are the financial implications. Pre-arranging a funeral resolves these and many other decisions for your family. It’s time to have a conversation about how you can protect your family today.

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Where will you turn for help? Don Couse advises and guides executors and next of kin. Simply put, he counsels the executor on the best direction to follow in order to accomplish the many tasks of settling an estate, alleviating stress and often saving time and money.



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