Personal and Financial Record Keeping Journal

The Personal and Financial Record Keeping Journal is a record of vital information for you, your family, your lawyer, personal representative and executor. We live in a complicated world where lack of records can result in confusion and expense.

Should you or your spouse pass away or suddenly become incapacitated, would your loved ones know where to find the personal and financial information? If not, your family would need to step in and handle your affairs. The Personal and Financial Record Keeping Journal is a simple and straightforward document that allows you and your spouse to record all necessary information in one convenient place so that your family and representatives can easily step in to handle your affairs without concern.

Why I created this document

I created this document which has nothing to do with real estate as a service for my clients. Unfortunately, we all will either pass away or be in a situation where we are unable to handle our own financial affairs. At this point, someone else has to step and act on our behalf. When my father passed away and I had to wrap up his estate he had everything documented for me, and I was able to do it with relative ease. I hear of other situations where people have a nightmare trying to handle someone’s affairs. Nothing was in order, there were no records or documentation of anything.

I suggest you store this book in the same place you keep your will(s), Power of Attorneys, and Personal Directives (formerly called Living Wills). Store in a safe & secure spot that can be quickly and easily accessed by whoever will be taking over your affairs.

What happens if i don’t have a will?

If you don’t have a Will, Power of Attorney & Personal Directive (or if they are old and out of date) you should seriously consider getting new ones. Without these documents up to date it could result in major problems should someone have to handle your affairs. Without a Will, your assets will be divided how the law dictates and not how you may wish. Without a POA no one will have the authority to act on your behalf should you be incapacitated.

Talk to your lawyer and have these documents drafted ASAP. If you need a lawyer, please give me a call at 902-497-3031 and I will suggest several good lawyers.

Request your copy of this eBook simply fill out the form at this link and your copy will be instantly sent to you via email. You can call me at 902-497-3031 and I’ll send you a printed copy in the mail. 

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