Are you a Baby Boomer Planning For Your Downsized Home

Are you a Baby Boomer Planning For Your Downsized Home

If you are a Baby Boomer planning your retirement or even a retired person with too much house on your hands, downsizing may be a hot topic in your household. Before you make a move, it is important to consider what you need. Your current home may have both possessions you can do without and spacing do not need on a regular basis, but it is important to have a good idea of your needs and before you make the move.

Where Will You Do What You Love?

Many people who want to downsize are empty-nesters who no longer have children at home. You may have turned Sally’s room into a craft and sewing room or Dave’s room into a guest room. If you need space for your hobbies or you have a steady flow of guests, you need to provide for these uses in a new home.

If you still enjoy the activities and hobbies you’ve done all your life, it is important for you to find a place to store equipment and find space to do what you like in your new place. Renting a small, nearby storage unit might be an excellent way to store equipment for camping or skiing, as well as Christmas decorations and other seasonal items. Having an extra room in your house that you can use to do projects can also serve as a guest room – or you can direct guests to a nearby motel.

Of course, if you need live-in help, or have a friend living with you, your downsizing plans must include a room and perhaps even a separate bathroom for them.

Store What Your Kids Don’t Want

As you clean up your closets, you may pack up unused clothes and gather unneeded items to sell or donate. What do you do with the boxes of old pictures and family heirlooms? Scanning your pictures, going through your family heirlooms, and dividing the photos and the other goodies among your kids can cut down on some clutter.

You may decide in some family heirlooms are not important to keep, but whatever is left can also go to a storage unit. If you have fragile items that could be damaged in very hot or cold conditions, make sure your storage spaces is climate control.

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Consider The Layout Of Your New Location

In moving to the new space, you might want your new location to accommodate a valued piece of furniture, incorporate some new household items you want to acquire, or allow for you to pursue your interests.

  • Always wanted to upgrade your double bed to a king or queen sized model? Make finding a new place with a bedroom big enough to accommodate it a priority.
  • Have a large comfortable sectional couch you love? Make sure it will fit in new places you consider.
  • Love to cook and bake? An island, and plenty of counter space might be crucial in a new place
  • A gardener, inside or out? Your new place should have south facing windows for indoor plants and a little space outside to grow flowers or vegetables.

Finding Your Dream Downsized Home

In considering all you want in your downsized house, you must remember that the more nonnegotiable “demands” you place on your realtor or rental agent, the harder it will be to find a place within a limited budget. If you are able to build a new home or have an ample budget, you may be able to find what you want more easily.

If you are looking to buy or sell a house with a space that can be an income unit or separate space for parents or children, call me today. If you are ready to sell your home for maximum value, the best place to start is by clicking here and scheduling an appointment.

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